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5 Tools to Help Keep your PC Clean and Up to Speed

Spring cleaning is here and it is time to start now. Like your home, your computer becomes cluttered and needs some TLC.

Fortunately, cleaning up your computer is much less work than cleaning your home. In fact, there are programs that make it nearly automatic. Would you believe it this maid to do the job is FREE!

pc decrap

PC Decrapifier - When you purchase a computer whatever brand it may be (HP,Acer,Sony,Toshiba to name a few) often install trial programs (Like the newest Office version) and other "extras" on new computers. For the most part, all this does is slows down the system until it's removed.

If you have a new computer, or you never removed these items from your older computer, you can get a quick speed boost by running this program. It automatically detects programs you probably don't want and uninstalls them quickly.

ccleanerCCleaner - Anything you do on your computer if you have not physically removed it can be seen and/or tracked by another. These can be small registry entries, or even your browser history or multi-gigabyte temporary files.

Not only do these take up space, they can reveal sensitive information to snoopers. This program cleans out these traces with the click of a button. Plus, it includes a powerful program uninstaller and registry cleaner.

dup cleanerDuplicate Cleaner - Duplicate files may be wasting space on your computer, especially if you have large photo or music collections. Fortunately, you don't have to go hunting them down yourself this will search your whole computer and multiple drives to compare files and will give you the choice on what to do with them.

This free program finds and deletes duplicate files in moments. It can even detect files that have the same information but different names.

rename masterRename Master - This program will keep your computer organized by naming your files clearly. That can be difficult at times especially when you're working with photos. Names like DSC_0100 or DSC_0401 wil not reference to anything that we can relate to!

To make matters worse, it is very time consuming to attempt to rename folders also. Renaming a folder full of photos or music files takes ages. This program will let you create a group and rename them in a group fashion of files in seconds, and you can give each file a unique name.

defraggleDefraggler - So now your files are organized in tidy folders, but the underlying file system can still be messy. Parts of files can be scattered all over your hard drive, which makes your computer run slower while it is searching for it.

Windows has a built-in defragmenting tool to fix this, but it isn't exactly speedy. This program, on the other hand, defrags your drive quickly. Not only that, it can defragment specific files, so you can select ones you use frequently. Your computer can be running faster in seconds.


FYI- There is another tool that I have started using recently which is "Glary Utilities" It seems to have some nice interesting tools within it.