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 Wondering what the lawyers and programmers are talking about in the highest-profile tech trial in years? Here's a guide to the ties between Android and Java -- and the history leading up to the case.


What is Java?
Java -- invented at Sun in the early 1990s and absorbed into Oracle with Oracle's Sun acquisition in 2010 -- is several things.



How does Android fit into this?
For all Java's shortcomings on mobile phones, Sun and Java allies such as Motorola had done a lot of work crafting technology suited to the market. And its cross-platform advantages held appeal for anyone hoping to build a broad new mobile ecosystem.

 So what did Google do?
It liberally borrowed technology from Sun's Java -- including the programming language itself, the syntax of many of the APIs that Java programs call upon, and the virtual machine approach.

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Top Smartphones on the Market Now

smartphonesIf you're ready to drop some money on one of the latest and greatest smartphones, you have some great choices - too many, in fact.

Turbocharged quad-core processors and wireless charging have nearly become standard on top-of-the-line Android phones. As always, the latest iPhone and its gorgeous screen and vast ecosystem of content is worth your consideration. For those looking to break free of iOS or Android altogether, the underrated Windows Phone 8 awaits.

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usb                                        thumb

How about lock or unlock your computer. With a program like Predator it becomes a "key" that will unlock your machine. It is as easy as plugging it in or unplugging it to lock and unlock your machine.

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5 Tricks every emailer needs to know

Q. I'm spending more time than I'd like to admit reading and responding to email. It's seriously cutting into my work and stopping me from doing the things I need and want to do. Do you have any tips to help me handle my email a little better?mail

A. You're not alone. Research firms estimate a quarter of a person's work week is spent dealing with emails, many of them are spam. Who knows what it converts to in terms of precious time wasted. Then you will need to refocus to get back on track.

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