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Who is checking up on you?cell2

Do you think someone is checking who you are texting or calling? Find out now.

There are apps for your Droid and Iphone.

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Security software is one of the first and best things to install on your computer

An unprotected Windows computer can pick up a virus on the Internet in under a minute.

Even Macs aren't immune to viruses. A recent Trojan outbreak infected more than 600,000 Macs worldwide!

Protection doesn't have to be expensive, though. Research shows that free antivirus solutions are just as effective as paid programs.

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Personal Organizer

Managing logistics has got to be the hardest part of any job. The more hectic we get the less time you have to manage our schedule, calendars, emails and to-do lists. Your computer or Mac can help, but you really need an assistant to help keep all the different projects and to do's straight.

Or you could try the EssentialPIM App. It's a consolidated personal information manager that lets you manage your calendar, to-do lists, notes, contacts, email program and password manager across multiple devices and cloud applications.

You can also get EssentialPIM for your desktop. It'll sync with your mobile device.


blackberryVisual voicemail company YouMail has added new features to its BlackBerry app but the company also said it will be the last update for the foreseeable future bound for RIM's operating system as its users migrate to competing mobile OSes.

The YouMail team originally started work on developing for the BlackBerry platform in 2007 and attributes some of its success to a strong early adoption from users of BlackBerry devices.

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The article speaks for itself, the numbers are dwindling from Blackberry and so why shall we use the application in the first place. They had cornered the market in the early stages but now the competition is to stiff for the Blackberries to kee up with. They have been working on this application since 2007? Do they think we are in 2008?