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Let’s try and answer some of these questions.

I could get down to the nitty gritty and talk about computers, networks and data centers but let's talk about what it provides for us and how it helps us.

So you have a computer with some pictures on it and you want to make sure they are safe so you need to back them up. One option is to put them on a flash drive or on a disc. Sounds good but what happens if you miss place either of these? Or if you have personal information on them and you lose it and it falls into the wrong hands? So now the only way you can access these files is if you are either on your computer that has your files on them or you are carrying around your cd or flash drive. In comes the your backup options: Google Drive is one way to access your info via the web. There are other choices like DropBox or Carbonite. They all work a little different and I am not trying to sell you on any of them however I am trying to educate you on your options. With these options you can keep your files on your original computer (desktop) and then when you go to work you can also access the same files via the web. Along with adding or deleting files also.

So all we have spoke about is Data backup the cloud can also keep track of your appointments and lists and many many other items.

Enterprise companies use the cloud for much more beneficial things like software platforms, for example Google has their own office products that includes a word program, spreadsheet and presentation program. This is just one of the many options of application of software platforms. g drive


90 Percent of Internet Users (in the world) use it on 1 shape or form.

80 Percent of small businesses in the US are being forecasted to be computing via the cloud by 2020.

In the next 6 Years the expectation is to double the usage of all US small businesses to use the cloud.

dropboxThe use of the cloud is growing at enormous numbers not only in the private sector of small businesses it is also growing in the enterprise level along with the government entity docs