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Samsung led the way among Android vendors, thanks in part to strong demand by prepaying customers. Android phones grabbed 79 percent of the prepaid smartphone market last quarter, while 38 percent of all prepaid phones in the U.S. were made by Samsung alone.

"Samsung is the only market leader from the feature phone era to transition to market leadership in the smartphone era in the U.S.," Rubin said. "Its broad carrier support and advertising -- particularly in the ascendant prepaid segment -- have helped it achieve the highest market share among Android handset providers in the U.S."

Though Apple may have beaten Samsung in the U.S. smartphone wars last quarter, the iPhone maker is still trailing its rival around the world. 

I persanally think that Apple may have more in sales but in smartphones I will take anything that is running a droid operating system over apple anyday. The cost of the applications with the Apple isway over the top and the ones for the droid are almost all of them are free. But then you are not speaking a smartphone junkie here either. I do what most people do with a phone, yea know like talk on it, text, gps, browse the web and use it for an alarm and the caledar. Wow I guess I am not just a novice person with a phone. Well lets ut it this way I do not need to play the guitar with it ok!!!!!